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The Process

Life TransitionsYou will not be asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire prior to our first meeting. We will have a personal conversation discussing the various aspects of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. In this discovery phase I want to understand who you are as a person as well as an investor. What are your goals in life, what is important to you. Your financial plan will be created based on this information. As time passes and we talk on a regular basis, should things in your life change, your plan will be modified accordingly to keep you on track.

Why C.T. Kares Advisory Group, Inc.


Since 1988, Charles Kares has been helping people to finance their retirement, resolve their financial issues and plan for their future. The firm is designed to offer a personalized experience for all clients. You will always interact with your original advisor. Never will you be reassigned to another advisor or speak with an intern. You are encouraged to call anytime with questions or concerns.

Our Clients


Every client has his or her own unique situation, whether they are caring for an aging parent while balancing their own family or perhaps someone is suddenly alone due to death or divorce. We can help you prepare for your family transitions. We provide guidance and tools to help you organize your financial life so you and your loved ones can face the future with confidence. We help you sort out the difficult questions in order to have peace of mind that you’re prepared for what’s ahead.